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hey everyone thanks for checking out my website! my name is evan and i'm just ur average cool kid and oh also im super glad your here! this html stuff is all really new to me haha so i'm sorry this site looks so bad right now but hopefully everything will get better once i get older and learn more stuff. a little bit about me i'm from michigan (really cold haha. brrr!) and i like cool stuff, like video games and music and talking to girls (lol not really i get too nervous but hopefully one day i will not get lol). anyways these are my clothes. the name body vore is because if u think about it whenever u get dressed in the morning ur clothes are basically voring you so there u go. there all 1/1 which means if you buy something ur gonna be the only one in the WORLD to have anything like it! awesome! but if you have questions about anything i'm selling just email me at the link below and i'll answer it. happy shopping campers! xoxo Here's how you make a link: Neocities.

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